Charlotte Church Admits That She’s not as Rich as Everyone Thinks

Former childhood star, Charlotte Church admitted in an interview that all of the millions that she made as a child have since dried up. Church stated that due to the occurrence, she will now have to work the rest of her life. Church, who is now twenty eight years old, was reported to be worth 25 million, at the age of seventeen. But, she states that she is nowhere near as rich as everyone thought she was.

The former star, who sold nearly ten million records, while her career was at its peak, admits that in order for her to maintain the lifestyle that she is accustomed to, she will need to continue to work throughout her adult life. Church states she will need to work the remainder portion of her adult life, not because she chooses to do so, but because she has to. Church admits that she understood that her career in music was not going to be her end to everything.

While in the brink of her fame, Church was worth twenty five million, which was just in 2003. However, by 2010, when the childhood star divorced her husband, Gavin Henson, her net worth greatly depreciated. Last year, she was reported to be worth eight million. However, even though that still sounds like a lot to modern everyday working adults, Church admits that she is worth far less than what many people assume she is worth.

Church joked that the tax man is probably wondering where all of her money is being hidden. In an attempt to keep her musical career striving, Church switched her genre of singing from classical music to pop music. However, since making the switch, Church has given up singing in both of her known genres. Church has set up a record label of her own, and has since released experimental EPs that produce limited sales.

Church has also made attempts to try presenting on TV. Church states that she feels that her life is so rich and full that she has gotten the best side of the deal. Church purchased a luxurious home within Cardiff, where she lived with her husband Henson, prior to the two splitting. When asked where all of her money went, the former star states that she has given thousands of pounds of cash to various charities. She is making plans to pursue a physics degree.

The current interview that Church was in is not the first time that she started speaking of her finances. In a subsequent interview, Church stated that she does not have a lot of money, at least, not like she used to have. Church states that she has enough money for her to be comfortable for the remaining portion of her life, as long as she does not do anything compulsive. The only way she can sustain the lifestyle she has been accustomed to since she was a child, is to keep a modest lifestyle, for her and her two children.

Church admits that it has just come to her attention that she does not have to be a singer in order to be successful. Instead, with the amount of money that Church has, she can go to university, and do any tasks that she desires. Church admits that she has never wanted to stop educating herself, and she wants her kids to see that having a regular career, can be just as exciting as the career that she once had as a child. With money running low, Charlotte Church probably wishes that she had a solicitor that could help her file a few no win no fee claims, in order to be able to obtain some fast money!