Justin Bieber Flees the Scene of a Car Accident

Questions are arising, whether Justin Bieber, a renowned pop star that everyone knows, fled of the scene of an accident or not. Apparently, just this past Tuesday the young and successful pop star was involved in a car accident. The twenty year old star was driving his Escalade, when he reportedly was hit by another vehicle, a BMW to be exact. There are no reports stating which driver is accidentally responsible for the entire ordeal.

The BMW that collided with Biebers Escalade was pulling out of a parking garage in Beverly Hills, around two pm in the afternoon. The good news is, even though the car accident did occur, neither party, involved in the ordeal was injured. An eyewitness report that was made after the accident occurred is not anything shocking. Therefore neither party will need to make a no win no fee claim… however the chances that the opposition will claim are high!

According to an eyewitness, the pop star, who was not operating the vehicle when it collided with the BMW was not the one operating the vehicle. In fact, he was unfazed by the entire ordeal. Instead of stopping and speaking with the other party that was involved in the ordeal, he simply jumped out of his Escalade, and immediately jumped into a different vehicle, so he could continue going wherever he was originally headed to.

Sources claim that the Escalade that Beiber was in was being followed by photographers and the paparazzo. At the time that the incident occurred, the Escalade was traveling at a high speed. The driver that was operating the BMW, misjudged their speed, prior to crashing into the Escalade that was carrying the pop star. There is no news if a no win no fee claims attorney will be hired to represent either party who was involved in the collision. With Bieber leaving the scene, it is amazing that anyone was able to find out that the star was involved in an accident to begin with.

Love him or hate him, the truth be told that Justin Bieber is not going anywhere. While the individuals that are employed by the young pop star are trying everything to keep his wild ways under wraps, the truth of the matter is, keeping Biebers shennagins out of the media can be difficult to do. No win no fee claims will probably be filed by both parties, if these claims are filed by the parties, then everything will probably be handled outside of court, and an undertable settlement will probably be rewarded to the opposing party.

The Canadian born star, who recently moved himself into two newer rental properties within an upscale neighborhood, has been the subject of various police reports. Most of the reports being made against the pop star, are due to his excessive partying ways. Apparently, Justin has managed to be able to rekindle his long-term on again and off again love affair with Selena Gomez.

The two originally started dating back in 2010. However, Gomez admits that she wants to start taking things slower this time, than what they did in the beginning of their relationship, in the past. A source reports that Gomez still loves Beiber, but it is hard for her to be able to get over him, due to the amount of history that they have. While some may state that the relationship is not going to go anywhere, the truth is that what matters is the way that both of stars feel about one another. Feelings are something that cannot easily be dropped, the two have so many different feelings about one another, that it is hard for either one of them to avoid them.