Mark Ballas Dancing With the Stars Dancer Is Injured In a Car Crash

No win no fee claims are filed whenever someone has been harmed by the negligence of another, and they want to receive compensation for their injuries. These types of claims can be filed for a variety of reasons. They can be filed for a minor injury or a major one. Any injury that causes an individual to not be able to carry on with their assigned daily tasks, can qualify as an injury that no win no fee claims can be made for.

Dancing with the Star star, Mark Ballas was recently involved in a collision. The accident occurred on Monday afternoon, on the 16th of May. After the accident, the professional dancer had to be taken to hospital, in order to be treated for the injuries that were sustained due to the accident. Who was at fault?

The professional dancer, was driving into Los Angeles, and making a right turn onto a different street, when a vehicle that was speeding down the road slammed into the back section of the vehicle, along its right side. Marks girlfriend, drove the injured dancer to the hospital, after the collision occurred. The dancer was treated for back pain and whiplash, which was caused by the impact, when the two vehicles collided.

Even though doctors were able to help the dancer, control his pain and alleviate his injuries, he is still not healed enough for his upcoming performance that he has lined up. The twenty eight year old dancer has a show that is scheduled, where he is expected to engage in multiple mannerisms. The dancer will not only be dancing, but he will also be singing, and playing his guitar for an excited audience. There have not been any announcements made, regarding Mark’s recovery time. However, many people are anticipating that Mark will not be able to fully recover by the time that he’s assigned to perform.
No win no fee claims are used in instances like this. Obviously, Mark was not the individual that caused the collision, yet things that he had previously planned to do in his life, have now been affected because of the negligent actions of another person. Just one person can interfere with plans that you may have for your life. If the actions that someone else takes force you to have to put things in your life aside, then that’s the time that you need to consider getting a solicitor involved to file a no win no fee claim to get the compensation that you deserve.

According to TMZ, the five men that were also involved in the accident are making claims that they are not at fault for what happened. In fact, the men are blaming the twenty eight year old dancer for the accident that occurred. Police would have believed the men, if an unbiased witness had not stepped forward to give her account of the day’s events.

The witness informed the police that were dispatched to the scene that the men in the other vehicle were excessively speeding. She witnessed the whole escapade when Mark was driving and the vehicle hit into his car. The car that the dancer was driving was towed off, after the police had filed a report of the incident. Mark was taken away shortly after the police appeared on the scene. Everyone is glad to hear that the talented dancer is okay, and will recover from his injuries. However, whether or not he will be well enough to still carry on his performance is still yet to be announced. The fans that are looking forward to seeing him are hoping that the accident does not force them to have to lose their opportunity of seeing the talented man perform in person.