No Win No Fee Claim Against Paparazzi That Selena Gomez Should Have Launched

The words no win, no fee and celebrity singer are not often heard together in the same sentence unless someone launches a claim against the celeb singer in a bid to make cash. We often think that celebrities are immortal, but that has proven to be a myth, even so, more recently with the likes of Justin Bieber, and Selena Gomez being involved in car accidents. Justin was the one that caused his accident, and it would have been the victim of the accident he caused that asked for a no win no fee claim. The same applied to Selena, apart from a third party were also behind hers… the paparazzi.

Car Accident Claim No Win No FeeYes, you read it correctly over the weekend his on and off girlfriend Selena Gomez, the singer, actress and all time fame diva was caught up in a minor road traffic accident that she says was caused by paparazzi. The accident could have resulted in her claiming against the paps, and an unsuspecting couple in the car behind her also placing a no win no fee claim and getting advice through NoWInNoFeeExpert can lead to claims against her as she damaged their car whilst caught up in the incident. It is very lucky that no other innocent bystanders were there to get caught up in the accident too because they could have been injured when she reversed the car, It is also extremely lucky that the victims were inside their car and not out of it, as the vehicle shielded them from being injured.

The Paps Snap But Forget About Public Safety

It is not uncommon for celebs to be followed around by paparazzi that want to snap the latest pics of celebs, and they want to make sure that they can earn as much as possible when out there snapping up their pictures. And who could blame them with the celebrity industry making millions each week. The pap that has the best snap can rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars per picture.  In fact, there was controversy about the paps and just how they will go out of their way to get a high paid picture years ago when Lady Diana was involved in a fatal accident with a motor cycle in France, allegedly the cause of the accident was a high speed pap chase when she was pursued by a pap on a motor bike. This has not been proven though. Selena Gomez is another victim of the snap snap trend.

Fortunately, the Singers Accident Did Not Cause Major Injuries

Fortunately, for Selena Gomez on Sunday the Come and Get it singer was caught up in a Los Angeles MINOR car accident. Luckily, for the singer, she has enough cash not to need to make a no win no fee claim, however the paparazzi that followed her need to take note about just how dangerous it is when they follow singers around on high-speed chases. She was picking up some groceries in Northern Hollywood, and she reversed into another car! The car behind her was damaged a little, but luckily, the car driver and his companion were OK and very star struck to have been ‘bumped into by Selena’ To apologise for the accident kind hearted Selena, who was left shaken offered the two passengers in the car she reversed into a day at a spa in Los Angeles. Selena is not one for racing away from a scene, and she decided to exchange her information with the star struck couple too! Let’s just hope that they don’t file a no win no fee claim against her though.

The Paps Were To Blame For Her Near Miss With No Win No Fee Solicitors!

Her excuse for the whole incident was that she was completely distracted because the moment she hopped into her car she was snapped by paps that were disturbing her concentration when reversing. The star also took to twitter to share her distress at having been involved in the whole incident. Paparazzi are a long time nuisance to celebrities both young and old. Once you hit the spot light having peace of mind is not possible Sometimes celebrity singers seem to get caught up in the moment and rightfully everyone needs their privacy, unfortunately though once they are high up there with a fan base it is never possible.

No Win No Fee Claims with Celebs Are Not Uncommon

As silly as it sounds you would not think that celebrities would claim for accidents, but they do and so do their victims. In fact there are around 10 cases of such claims per year with top super stars in both the music and entertainment industry alone! Many of the incidents go unreported and are handled with the upmost discrepancy by their management teams. Sometimes a case is against them, sometimes they are filing for the case in order to get some no win no fee cash themselves! Well, once you are a celeb and famous, cash is something that you need to have. We seem to live in a world where the more cash you have, the more important you are deemed in society. Sadly, there seems to be no cap on just how much cash celebs can earn, and just when they should pull the stopper when it comes to obtaining it!

No win no-fee compensation is a fantastic way to turn an accident into a win, win situation because you can get inured, and whilst you are healing from your injuries; file a claim that means that you do not have to worry about paying a penny. In fact, the whole concept is as easy as it reads, if you do not win the case, you do not pay a penny! Also, when you do win you walk away with compensation, and you pay the solicitor from cash that you would not have had anyway. It is a great way to get paid with the minimum effort. Some would say it is like a fairy god mother waving her wand as I am sure that Selena would have said should she have decided to make a no win no fee claim against the paps. I’m not sure if that is what the couple in the car behind her would have said though!. Also in the UK some of the legal claims system has changed as you can see here this can affect music artist when claiming.