Ellie Goulding Admits That She’s Petrified of Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery has become the number one way for people for people to change their body, and correct it, without that much work. In the past, the thought of plastic surgery used to make people laugh and people sneered that altering your body, simply meant that you did not like yourself. However, most of those people instantly assumed that plastic surgery was going to be a fad that would eventually wear off.

As time has progressed, the opposite has occurred. The busy lifestyles of modern day adults, makes it impossible for people to mold their bodies into what they desire, especially, if they were not born with the assets that they wanted. In the capitalistic society that we live in, the old saying is that there is nothing in this world that cannot be bought, this includes the perfect body, yet life is getting more and more materialistic with the celebrity fads that are ever increasing.

Although perfectionism is looked at in a negative light, the only reason why it is viewed in this manner is because so many people believe that it cannot be achieved. No one is born perfect, and no one is going to be seen as being the perfect person in the eyes of everyone that they meet. Perhaps, this is the primary reason why the adage that beauty is in the beholder was created to begin with, because everyone has their own perception of what they believe perfection to be.

Breast augmentations have become the most prominent type of cosmetic surgery to have. Women constantly compete with one another, and feel that they must do something in order to make themselves stand out from the competition, plus the breasts are one areas of a females body that predominantly are displayed. Therefore, women who feel like their breasts did not naturally grow as large as they want them to, purchase them to be what they expect.

Celebrities are known for altering various parts of their bodies, in order to be seen perfect, in the eyes of the fans that idolize them. Ellie Goulding, a British popstar has been dealing with rumors that they underwent a breast augmentation operation. However, Goulding claims that the rumors that are being spread are just that, rumors. The popstar openly stated that she would never consider getting plastic surgery. She stated in an interview that even the thought of having to be cut on, simply for cosmetic related reasons, scares her.

The hitmaker that jumped to fame with the song Burn, has recently had a lot of tabloid interest when she started being seen wearing a series of extremely revealing shirts. Apparently, many people that saw the star wearing the shirts, instantly started making rumors that she had altered her appearance, by enlarging her breast. The twenty seven year old denies all of the claims that she did any type of alterations to her body, and has no wish to go under the knife.

The star informed Britain Glamours magazine that she’s petrified of undergoing any type of cosmetic surgery. She even found some humor in the rumors, stating that her friends would fancy the thought of her getting plastic surgery as a hilarious event. The star admitted that before she used to be extremely fit and athletic. She would go on runs consistently, and did so, for the course of seven months. The star admits that she became obsessive about running, and when she ceased her obsession, her body began to become curvier, than what others had seen her as. Goulding admits that her body was looking better than ever when she had stopped consuming fish and meat, and working out excessively. And let’s face it, with the increasing number of celebs that have gone under the knife and then had to file a no win no fee claim because of a botched job, it’s probably better that she keeps her natural state!