There’s Only Two Justin Biebers- Say What!?

There’s only one Justin Bieber, or so you would think. But in 2013 a Los Angeles guy spent close on 100 thousand dollars for three plastic surgery procedures in order to look as much like ‘babyface’ Bieber as possible. Don’t try this at home kids.

They weren’t botched operations either. Toby Sheldon’s time under the knife was time well spent according to him. But surely any right thinking person would see this as taking, being a ‘Belieber’ way too far. Don’t get me wrong; Bieber is a nice looking kid, even if his manners need working on, but to put all your cash into your appearance? That type of thing only happens in LA, home of the ‘Peter Pan’ complex.

Toby Sheldon is 33, while Justin Bieber is not…YET! Pre-surgery Toby did look very youthful it has to be said. Check out his picture on your favourite social media site. A Bieber hair-do was nowhere near enough for the fan man though. First came the hair implants with the doctors being guided by photos of the pop star. Toby had thinning hair. Really! all you had to do Toby, was wait for Justin to catch up with you. In ten years’ time his hair will look like yours. And you would have saved yourself $21 thousand, for your medical insurance or old age pension.

Is thinning hair a crime in LA? To read the celebrity pages you might well think so. But Toby had his hair line brought into line with teen norms, closed off his temples and had his ‘bangs’ (whatever they are) restored. Then came the botox injections and Aquamid treatments to subtly reshape his face. He would have had more chance if he had learned to make the polyjuice potion, from Hermione Granger in Harry Potter! I suppose he was more likely to be shot trying to yank out a piece of Justin’s hair as the final ingredient.

In order to get eye to eye with Justin, Toby spent another $5 thousand on some serious eyelid surgery. Was the pain and sacrifice worth the effort? One can’t help wondering what his mother feels about it all; proud? Betrayed? Worried most likely.

Toby went to extremes to literally put a smile on his face, with further surgery to achieve the Bieber grin. He insists he is not obsessed with the baby pop star, and he’s probably right. His eccentric behaviour stems more from a phobia of ageing, than it does from a desire to be Bieber. A phobia is defined as a fear that actually detracts from the quality of one’s everyday life. But doesn’t that depend on your point of view? Toby probably thinks he is adding to the quality of his life. But then self-delusion is the primary symptom of body dysmorphic disorder.

He certainly puts a lot of thought, time and expense into his Bieberization. He feels the smile is the key to looking youthful but his ambition has not yet been fulfilled. There is still more work to come. He plans, probably when his song writing bears enough financial fruit, to have the Bieber nose installed and his own jaw reduced to more eye-catching Bieber proportions.

Imagine if it had all gone badly, as some plastic surgery can. Toby could end up looking like a grotesque. Or maybe worse from Toby’s perspective; what if he ended up NOT looking like the sainted Justin? He could always sue the surgeons on a ‘no win no fee basis’ I suppose. That way he can try to recover his investment with interest for pain and suffering.